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Electric Tech Construction management team houses years of experience and dedication to the telecommunications industry giving the company a superior advantage in commercial construction.  Our company leaders put E-Tech to a higher standard and provide excellent project management in all aspects of the project.

Tim Pessin
Tom Borst
Sharlyne Yunzal-Manalang
Andrew Badger
Katie Findley
Jeffery Satori
Zach Coyne
Dean Ritter
Stephen Dokken
Steve Knappe
Chris Dority

Chris Dority is head of safety at Electric Tech Construction.  As Safety Manager Chris Oversees all aspects of safety on and off the jobsite.  As an OSHA 500 Authorized Outreach Trainer and certified in 10+ trainer subjects, Chris creates an effective safety force throughout the company.  Currently in the process of obtaining his CSP certificate through BCSP, Chris has made a large impact company wide as the head of safety here at Electric Tech Construction.

Jeff “Sarge” Satori has been a project manager for 7+ years at Electric Tech Construction making him the first employee hired within the company. From bidding projects to crew management and overseeing safe efficient site builds, Sarge has been a strong backbone to the Management team.  

Dean Ritter is our Superintendent here at Electric Tech Construction.  With a degree in Construction management and certified in all aspects of the wireless industry, Dean brings a tremendous force to the company managing crews and overseeing projects from start to finish.  

Sharlyne is a closeout specialist for Electric Tech Construction.  Joining our company in December of 2014 Sharlyne brought with her several years experience working as a closeout specialist for Bechtel and MP Nexlevel.  Sharlyne is a large asset to the closeout team working with Sprint, T-mobile, and Clearwire making sure that everything processes smoothly.

Danny Gallegos is our IT Manager and Head Closeout Department Manager here at Electric Tech Construction. Joining our team in August of 2012 Danny has been a great addition to the team.  Coming into the company with 10+ years experience. Danny oversees the closeout team and maintains the IT structure for 50 workstations plus the server.  Currently pursuing a masters degree in counseling and holding a BA in Psych, AS in Electronics, plus an AA in Psych, Danny has been a critical asset to the management team.

Danny Gallegos

Stephen Dokken  joined Electric Tech Construction in 2011 as a Tower hand and has gained experience of working his way up to the Project manager position.  With 8 years experience in the industry Stephen has strong RF knowledge giving him an edge to excel with our company.  Managing the AT&T Construction and scope of work Stephen has shown to be a very effective member of our management team.

Chelsea Newcomer

Steve Knappe operates from the Sacramento office as a construction manager.  With over 6 years industry experience and working from within the field, Steve has more than enough knowledge to manage and complete projects.  Within his 2 years of working for Electric Tech Construction Steve has excelled in At&T work as well as Learning T-Mobile from the ground up.  As head of the T-mobile Project Steve has become an important asset to the company.

Chelsea Newcomer is our Lead Closeout Specialist for Ericsson AT&T.  Being in the cell tower industry for over three years and having extensive knowledge in cellular operations, Chelsea is able to thrive here at Electric Tech Construction.  From completing closeouts, training, and assisting with True-ups Chelsea brings a great deal of expertise to out Closeout Team as well as the management team.

Andrew Badger Handles all Permits and inspections for Electric Tech Construction.  Scheduling and coordinating with all jurisdictions and testing agencies to ensure our work is to code and complies with local standards.  With 20 years of construction experience Andrew brings a great amount of knowledge to E-Tech and Its crew.

Tom Borst is our head of Solar Business Development here at Electric Tech Construction, Inc., overseeing all aspects of unique business strategies and Solar product offerings around the West Coast. In an up and coming market Tom has several years’ experience, putting him ahead of the curve to this new market which is in high demand. His arrival to Electric Tech Construction, Inc. has proved to be a key aspect in our Commercial Solar Division.


Zach Coyne Handles all special permits and inspections for Electric Tech Construction.  Within his 2+ years here Zach started in the field and gained the experience necessary to become a part of the management team.  With his experience Zach ensures that all permits are pulled for construction and all inspections pass for each jobsite.   

Katie Findley is our Payroll and HR Administrator here at Electric Tech Construction.  Katie comes to our company with a quality background and acquired experience in various HR and Payroll functions, as well as Full Cycle Staff Accountant Skills.  Having such experience gives Electric Tech Construction a quality HR staff and Management Team.

Electric Tech Construction, Inc.
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John Tuccy

John Tuccy Manages E-Tech’s hydrogen and electric projects. John has 30+ years in the construction industry, successfully bringing quality projects in on time and within budget. Qualified in all phases of construction, operations, and land development including Industrial, Commercial, Petro Chemical, and Energy. John has developed proven expertise constructing high visibility projects that require specialized skills, sensitivity to unique program requirements, and knowledge in all aspects of the construction process.

Shannon Dale is E-tech’s administrative assistant. She provides support for financial, payroll and other administrative requirements. Her enthusiasm and motivations ensures all work is completed accurately and efficiently.  

Shannon Dale