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In 2007 E-Tech started out as just a small electrical company doing residential work.  The company was then expanded into the commercial division and added valuable employees to expand their abilities.  E-Tech sought out growth and in 2008 the company became incorporated. In an effort to diversify, E-Tech was sub-contracted by a company to perform electrical installations on telecom sites. On their first site, the awarded General Contractor endured many challenges and difficulties, eventually abandoning the site. E-Tech stepped up to the plate by agreeing to complete all of the civil, electrical, BTS, and tower erection in place of the abandoned GC. E-Tech completed the site on time and within budget granting them the respect and industry presence still held today.

E-Tech has expanded its role within the wireless industry, offering full civil,

line/antenna and microwave crews. Our attention to detail and safety has also

created many new vendor relationships with companies such as Bechtel, Black

& Veatch, Ericsson, and PGE.   Our future and mission is to stay consistent;

by providing its customers with a quality product, an accommodating working

relationship, and a project completed on schedule.